Authentic Discomfort (An introduction)

Kim Porter March 24, 2014
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“What it means to be authentically you in the wake of uncomfortable situations.”

I used to think that if I was uncomfortable, out of my element, that it indicated I was not being “myself”. The nudge that said, “I don’t like this” or “this is not what I’d normally do”, used to signal “STOP!” instead of “PUSH THROUGH”. We misread so many situations because we rely too heavily on comfort and not cost. We need to stop separating authenticity and discomfort and start realizing that they can live simultaneously together. The disharmony can become a beautiful melody if they are embraced in the right way.

So, what does it mean to be authentically “me”? What does it mean when I am comfortable? When I am uncomfortable? How do I know what feelings to trust? These are the questions that I have been working through for almost a year now on paper, but a life time in my mind and heart. My hope is that as I work through these questions, and discover the definition of authentic self, that perhaps, I might challenge myself to allow the hidden strength within to shine in the face of adversity. Hopefully, along the way, I might even inspire someone else.

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Kim Porter

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