Lighting the Staircase

Kim Porter July 16, 2013
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3 am is not the time I ever want to be awoken let alone make decisions that require thought, but I found  myself doing just that  two mornings ago.  Our dog, Maggie, had been suffering with some sort of stomach issue and when we finally had settled down for bed, she seemed to be feeling better. That is until 2:45 AM.  I woke up to the slight weight of her body as she jumped up onto my side of the bed then violently forced into action when I heard that distinct gagging sound that only means something unpleasant was about to exit her stomach.  In the pitch dark, I scooped her almost 20 pound body off our bed and raced down the stairs intending to put her outside as quickly as possible.  The problem came when I missed the last few steps on the staircase. I barreled down, still hugging Maggie as tight as I could, slammed into a metal stand that held three potted plants and miscellaneous other things that had collected there. Though I could see nothing but shadows, I could feel the cold metal pound into my arm, knees and legs and dry soil as it sprayed in all directions.  Todd came racing downstairs to try to rescue us but thankfully Maggie was fine and I only suffered scrapes and bruising to my body (and a bit to my ego).

I have a morning tradition of sitting at breakfast with my coffee, Bible and journal and enjoy the time reading, studying,and praying. After returning from vacation over a week ago, I found myself drifting away from that tradition and filling it with other things here and there. I looked in regret at my journal that used to have consecutive dates and instead had holes of time. Today, I sat again at the kitchen table, coffee, journal and Bible laid out in front of me and feeling guilty that I had not done the same the morning before. As I began to read, the conviction continued because the Psalm clearly spoke about how important God’s Word was to my life.  Then came verse 105: “Your word is like a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.” I paused. Instantly, the vision of my body awkwardly tumbling down the darkened stairs the morning before went through my mind. Laughing audibly, I read it again. I got the message. Just like the lack of light made my journey much more painful, my lack of God’s Word in my daily life can cause the same. Though reading the Bible daily will not save  me from spills at 3 AM, it certainly will save me from much  more intense situations. It was just the reality reminder that I needed to keep me trudging forward in my faith walk.

I also have decided that I will be taking our dog to the bathtub instead of outside next time she decides to vomit at 3 AM.

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Kim Porter

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