About Me

Have you ever felt deep inside that you have something to give but can’t quite put your finger on it? An unknown potential that burns deep down in your soul waiting to be tapped? I have been on that journey for years now trying to figure out what that is. This blog is the beginning of my exploration on a new level! Our pastor asked me today what my dreams and aspirations were and through that conversation, this blog was formed. There is so much I have learned in worship leading over the years, and I realized that perhaps there are others who, like me, are in that process as well. I don’t have a lot of answers, but I do have experiences that I believe many can relate to. Perhaps you are not a worship leader or even part of a church, but you may know what it is like to have someone see potential in you and release you to lead when you aren’t nearly ready enough. That happened to me almost seven years ago when we came down to the Cincinnati area. It was a tough process, and I will never be done learning, but it has allowed me to see how much something like this blog is needed. I was searching on my own, grasping for some direction and there were not many who could give specific instructions. My hope and prayer for this blog is that it will encourage, inspire and perhaps teach some simple techniques along the way. I may not get it all right, but I am hoping to start the conversation.

Now about me…

I married my best friend, Todd over 20 years ago and we are proud parents of two amazing young adults. I grew up in the Detroit area but moved to southern Ohio in 2009. Worship has been a part of my DNA since I was very little. My dad was the worship pastor in the church Todd and I grew up in and as soon as I could hold a mic, I was singing. We are blessed to be a part of The River Church and serve on staff.