Trusting To Let Go

Kim Porter July 23, 2013
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This week, our oldest will be turning the big 16.  I remember thinking, as we put our little red-headed Hannah on the bus for the first day of kindergarten many years ago, that it was the beginning of letting my grasp on her loosen.  Then, when she faced junior high, not only in a new school with new friends, but in an entirely new STATE, I thought, okay, this is the hardest moment of letting go so far. Then came high school and now, as we face handing her the keys to venture on her own and taking her to job interviews, I once again realize that I have still not gotten used to letting her go. Its scary, its overwhelming, but at the same time, we have to trust that all that we have put into parenting her, all the time, the work, the patience and most of all the LOVE, will result in good choices. Its almost like getting a peek at God as He put so much love into creating us. Then came the day when we took our first breath and in that same moment, He held His for just a moment more. Wanting all the very best for us, giving us the tools to make the right choices and follow the right paths, but having to trust us in the end to make those steps. When we start to think of God as the Father, the Creator, who truly wants the very best for our lives, we can begin the process of wanting the best out of us as well. We suddenly realize that its not about our comfort or our desires, its about being WHO God created us to be. As an earthly parent, we don’t create who our children will be, we only have the privilege of helping to guide them.  But God does so much more for us. He gives us gifts and abilities. He instills compassion and love into each and every one of us. Its our decision whether or not we are going to dig past the sinful nature, the pain, the uncomfortable feelings and reveal the amazing beauty placed in our hearts. Its worth every discomfort. Following Him is the only true way to finding peace and happiness in our lives. We can try every other avenue, but in the end, His way is truly the only way to joy. Are you willing to trust Him enough to follow?

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Kim Porter

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